Where Is Microsoft Store Apps Located

Microsoft Store apps are available on a variety of devices, including your computer, phone, and tablet. You can find them on the following platforms:

Windows, macOS, and Android.

You can also find them on the App Store, which is Microsoft’s official store for apps.

If you’re looking for a specific app, you can try looking in the App Store’s search bar or by browsing our app catalog.

Microsoft Store apps are typically found in the Windows Store. This store is a place where you can find apps that are developed by Microsoft. You can find a lot of the popular apps from Microsoft there.

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Microsoft Store is the largest Microsoft app store on the web. It offers a variety of apps, including games, tools, and applications for both personal and professional use. Microsoft Store also offers a wide range of features for users to customize their experience, including app ratings and reviews, search, and more.

Microsoft Store apps can be found in the following places:

-Windows Store

-Windows Phone Store

-Mac App Store

-Linux Store

-iOS Store

-Android Market

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